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Pest Control Shailer Park

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AllPro Pest Control are a local, family-owned pest control company servicing Shailer Park and other suburbs in Logan city. As our staff and technicians are  local to the area, we have a wealth of knowledge about the kinds of pests and problems that often arise. We can also respond any emergency pest control situation quickly.

AllPro Pest Control Services for Shailer Park

The AllPro Pest Control team is fully licensed and insured to provide a full range of pest control and termite services including:

Having a general pest treatment, often referred to as a “spider spray”, will keep most pests away, provided it is carried out each year. This is the preferred option for most homeowners.

Having a professional termite inspection is also recommended each year. With this in mind, many customers opt to have their home inspected for termites at the same time as having their annual general pest spray to save time and money.

Key Pests in Shailer Park

The 3 key pests in Shailer Park are:

  1. Termites
  2. Ants 
  3. Spiders

Its proximity to large areas of bushland and forest makes Shailer Park a hotspot of termite activity. Warm, humid conditions create the ideal habitat, meaning people’s homes are constantly at risk. Annual termite inspections are the most effective way to keep your home safe from termite attack. 

Ants often make their presence felt in the spring and summer months, causing a nuisance indoors and outside. Very few homes will escape them! However, our general ant treatments are designed to be used against a wide range ants, including those in the Shailer Park area. For tricky ant problems, a specialist ant treatment from AllPro Pest Control can provide a long-lasting solution.

Homeowners whose properties are close to Kimberley Forest Park may find that spiders are an issue. Spider problems are easily resolved by having a general pest treatment once a year, usually in spring.  

Of course, while these might be the 3 key pests, cockroaches are problem for everyone – no matter where they are!

Termite Inspections and Termite Treatments - Shailer Park

With termites capable of causing significant damage to a property in just 6 months, taking steps to prevent termite entry is essential for any homeowner. With plenty of food sources in the nearby forests and bushland, Shailer Park residents should be aware of the significant risk posed by termites.

Having your home inspected for termite activity at least once a year is the minimum requirement. However, to really protect your home you need to install a termite management system. A number of termite treatment options are available, including liquid soil treatments that are injected into the soil around the home or termite baits that are installed in secure bait stations.  

For those living in the highest risk areas, especially those close to bushland, having a termite inspection twice yearly is strongly recommended.

Shailer Park - Interesting Facts, Weather and Pest Control Recommendations

The hilly suburb of Shailer Park comprises of several residential streets that lie between the Pacific Motorway and Kimberley Forest Park. The small suburb is home to    

Logan Hyperdome, a popular regional shopping precinct. It was only in the 1980s that schools were established in the area, with three schools opening between 1980 and 1985, a reflection of the growing population.
The Yugambeh people are the original custodians of the land, which until the mid 19th century was rich in natural resources. Shailer Park is named after the Francis Shailer, an English settler who arrived with his family in 1866 to established cotton (and later sugar) production facilities. Francis Shailer became known for establishing the first citrus orchard in southern Queensland, which in subsequent years become known for its prize-winning oranges.

Banner image credit: Logan Hyperdome/The Courier Mail