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Pest Control Alexandra Hills

AllPro Pest Control are a local, family owned pest control company servicing Alexandra Hills. As we live and work in the Redlands area, we have local knowledge on the particular pest problems that tend to effect Alexandra Hills residents. Of course, as we’re local we can get to you quickly in case of a “pest emergency”!

AllPro Pest Control Services for Alexandra Hills

AllPro Pest Control are fully licensed and insured to provide a full range of pest control and termite services including:

For most homeowners a general pest treatment once a year keeps the pests at bay. If of course you have a particular pest problem one of our specialist pest treatments may be the best options.

Many of our customers combine their pest treatment with their annual termite inspection to save money.

Key Pests in Alexandra Hills

The 3 key pests affecting homeowners in Alexandra Hills are

  1. Termites
  2. Ants
  3. Mosquitoes

And during the cooler months, rats and mice also become a problem.

Termites love the warm weather and humidity that’s typical in the Alexandra Hills area and with the endless supply of new termite queens from the surrounding bushland, every homeowner must have annual termite inspections at the very least.

Ants are not seen as a dirty pest, but they can be very annoying. In the Alexandra Hills area there are a wide range of pest ants that cause problems inside and outside the home. To get lasting control, a specialist ant treatment from AllPro Pest Control could be just the job!

Alexandra Hills residence can still suffer mosquitoes problems as the saltwater mosquitoes fly in from coastal areas. So if you have a mosquito problem, our specialist mosquito treatments should be good to keep mosquitoes at bay for up to 3 months, so you can actually enjoy your outdoor areas!

Dead flying termites (new kings and queens) and their shed wings on the floor
If you find dead flying termites of their wings on the ground when you get up in the morning, you know there's a termite nest nearby!

Termite Inspections and Termite Treatments - Alexandra Hills

Termites are active all year round in Alexandra Hills. The surrounding bush areas means there are always plenty of new termite queens looking to find a new place to build a nest – keep your eyes open for termite swarms (mating flights) on warm evenings in spring and summer.

Annual termite inspections are a must and homeowners should seriously consider installing a termite management system to protect their home from termite attack.

Alexandra Hills - Interesting facts, weather and pest control recommendations

Alexandra Hills is a young, residential area of Redlands, with development starting around 50 years ago, with the state school opening in 1975. Although popular with families it is really just an residential area, surrounded by Cleveland to the east and Capalaba to the west.

Alexandra Hills has a typical sub-tropical climate with wet summers and warm winters – just the conditions pests like to breed. With the substantial bush areas, termites are a particularly problem and being close to the coastal areas, mosquitoes are also a problem as saltwater mosquito are capable of flying several kilometres inland.

Homeowners and business owners in Alexandra Hills need regular pest treatments to keep pest numbers down, but annual termite inspections and termite management systems to prevent termite attacks are a must for homeowners.