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Whether it is large cockroaches coming in from outside or small cockroaches who may have set up home in your kitchen, cockroaches are a health hazard and cause a lot of anxiety. Cockroach pest control treatments are a must to protect your family.

Household sprays only really kill the cockroaches you see, they don’t kill the numerous young cockroaches back in the “nest”. To get on top of a cockroach problem you need to use a combination of professional products applied in the appropriate areas to eliminate the infestation.

Our cockroach treatments


General cockroach control is included in our general pest control treatment, which comes with a 12 month warranty. For most homeowners this provides the protection they require. However, if you have a major infestation you will need a supplement to our general pest treatment or require a stand alone specialist cockroach treatment. This is particularly the case with German cockroach infestations which tend to be more difficult to control.


If you are unlucky enough to have a ongoing cockroach problem, it will mean there is an established cockroach population in or around your home. To eliminate such an infestation requires a detailed inspection and the use of a range of products; baits, sprays and powders.

Large cockroach species tend to live outside (or in the sub-floor and roof void), coming in for food and moisture. Small cockroach species can set up a “nest” inside your house; in door hinges, in the dishwasher control panel, in the microwave and behind cupboards – in the smallest of cracks and crevices. 90% of the cockroach population hides in these harborages – so if you see one or two cockroaches, you know there are many more in hiding.


Typically we use cockroach baits and professional non-repellent sprays to get control. Cockroach baits contain highly attractive food and a slow acting insecticide. Cockroaches feed on the bait and go back to the nest, where they often die. Other cockroaches actually feed off the faeces, vomit and bodies of dying cockroaches (gross, we know!), but this transfers the insecticide to other cockroaches in the hiding place, providing complete population control.


The sprays we use are very different to the sprays you can buy in a supermarket. Supermarket sprays tend to be repellent and have the effect of excluding cockroaches from a particular area rather than controlling the problem. The new sprays available to professionals are non-repellent, which means the cockroaches walk over the treatment without noticing the insecticide. As a result they pick up in the insecticide on their cuticle and transfer it other cockroaches back in the hiding places, magnifying its effect.

The combination of baits and non-repellent sprays are very effective in cockroach control.



Cockcoach gel bait treatment to kitchen drawer


Cockroach control in houses

If you call us for a cockroach problem, no doubt you want it gone….. and we don’t leave you until the cockroach problem has been eliminated – that’s our guarantee! Then as long as you carry out any preventative measures we recommend (also see the prevention tips below), you will have a full 12 month warranty.

Cockroach control in units and townhouses

Just like our cockroach treatments for stand alone houses, we won’t leave you until the problem is gone. However, the warranty is dependent on potential cockroach infestations in neighbouring units / townhouses and common areas. Certainly if there is a bigger problem, we are happy to discuss with the strata management.

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“These guys are great – prompt and professional. One of our resident cockroaches even made it on to the photos page (a little worse for wear).”

– Dorani Curd

Cockroach control treatments for commercial premises

Whilst we are more than happy to come and provide an “eradication treatment”, for commercial premises, most commonly restaurants and food establishments, cockroach control would be part of any ongoing service plan. If you would like us to deal with a cockroach outbreak and put in place an ongoing plan to be compliant with health requirements, please give one of our friendly staff a call.

Blame it on the neighbours!

We often here people say “the cockroaches came from next door”. There is an element of truth to that….. even if you have eliminated cockroaches from your premises and carried out the necessary preventative measures, if your neighbour has a cockroach problem, it doesn’t take much for the cockroaches to move in to your nice, “empty” house. This is especially the case with units, townhouses or businesses which shared walls, where the cockroaches can easily move from one part of the building to another through shared walls and pipework. So for shared buildings with a cockroach problem we can always get the best results if we treat the whole building.

Our cockroach control guarantee

All our guarantees require any preventative measures to be carried out by the home or business owner. For example, if we carry out a treatment and dirty dishes and rubbish are left lying around, we are fighting an uphill battle to keep your home or business cockroach free (and the warranty would be void).

Domestic warranties are for 12 months and commercial warranties for business on a service plan, cover the duration of the inter-service period. All warranties are subject to conditions.

How to prevent a cockroach infestation?

1) The key preventative action is to reduce the available food sources – maintain good hygiene;

  • Clear up any spilled food
  • Clean down and under the oven / fridge regularly
  • Do not leave unwashed dishes out overnight
  • Do not leave pet food bowls out with food in or unwashed
  • Food should be stored in tight “cockroach proof” containers
  • Put rubbish into sealed bins and stack away from the house


2) Fix any leaking taps / pipework

3) As cockroach like to hide in cracks and can enter the house / unit through cracks, fill any cracks in the floors, walls and fill gaps around pipework.

4) As the peridomestic cockroaches often like to live in and around wood piles, mulch, garden debris, keep such materials away from buildings.

5) Check incoming packaging material (such as cardboard boxes) for cockroaches and their egg cases.  This is a common way for the German cockroach to enter your property and set up home.

6) If you are in an apartment block, it is important to have an overall pest plan for the building as cockroaches readily spread from one apartment to the next through the shared pipework.


7) Have a aerosol spray available that can be used to quickly kill the occasional cockroaches that enters your home.  (Crawling insect aerosols that contains the insecticide imiprothrin give the quickest results).

8) With these maintenance actions in place a general pest treatment will prevent cockroaches setting up home in your home!