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Spiders are scary for some people, but if you’ve got children and pets they can be a safety concern. Call the experts at AllPro Pest Control for a spider free home


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Whether its redbacks, white-tailed spiders or scary huntsman, no-one likes spiders around the house and as some have a nasty bite, it pays to be wary. And of course, spider webs on the outside of the home can look very untidy!

AllPro Pest Control can provide specialist spider treatments to protect you and your family from spiders.

Our spider control treatments


General spider control is included in our general pest control treatment, which comes with a 12 month warranty. For most homeowners this provides the protection they require. However, if you have a major spider problem you will need a supplement to our general pest treatment or require a stand alone specialist spider treatment. This is particularly the case with white tail spiders which tend to be more difficult to control.


The type of spider treatment we carry out will depend on the species of spider we find, as they all like different hiding spots and different web building habits.

However, our treatments are designed to kill any spiders present and providing lasting protection – making sure your home is spider and web free for many months.

  • Target spiders: Redbacks, black house, huntsman and white-tailed
  • Areas treated:
    • Indoor and outdoor surfaces including walls, skirtings, ceilings, entry points, window and door frames (not the window glass though!)
    • Gutters, eves, pergolas, outdoor furniture, fences, clothes lines and sheds
    • Sub-floors and roof voids if present and appropriate
  • Products used: Sprays for surfaces, dusts for cracks, sub-floor and roof void

Warranty: Our specialist spider treatments come with a 12 month warranty.

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How our spider treatments work...

The sprays and dusts we use will kill any spider they contact. They also leave invisible residual layer on treated surfaces, which will kill any spiders that come along later, stopping them building their webs. This is why we target all cracks and crevices – potential spider hiding places.

Spiders can be broadly split into two groups; web buildings spiders (redback and black house spiders) and hunting or running spiders (huntsman and white-tailed spiders).

Webbing spiders are pretty easy to kill as they hide in crevices and have obvious webs.

Running spiders don’t build webs and so their hiding places can be harder to spot. Expert knowledge and comprehensive treatments are required to make sure running spiders are eliminated.

Of course our treatment will also eliminate other insects which are food for spiders. Without potential prey, spiders will find your home less attractive in the first place (who would want to go to a restaurant with no food?!).

Black house spider in web
Black house spiders make unsightly webs around windows and eaves

IMPORTANT: Leave any webs in place for at least 2-3 days after spraying. This gives any spiders that may have avoided the initial treatment to pick up insecticide when they come out onto their web. After a couple of days the webs can be removed by brushing (don’t spray with the hose as the water will wash the insecticide away).

Spider bites – all you need to know!

Funnel webs are the most dangerous spider, but since there has been an anti-venom, no-one has died. If you suspect you have been bitten by a funnel web it is important to call for medical assistance immediately. Apply a pressure bandage (as per a snake bite to prevent the venom moving and keep the patient still).

Redbacks also give a nasty bite, and it is certainly worth seeking medical attention, but there is no need to apply a pressure bandage , just follow the spider bite treatment guide below.

The belief the white tailed spider bite will cause your flesh to rot is an urban myth. There is nothing in the spider venom to cause the flesh to rot and a medical study of over 100 confirmed white tailed spider bites confirmed no necrosis. However, flesh necrosis is caused by bacteria which can enter the skin through the bite site, especially if the skin is dirty and the bite is scratched because it is itchy… but this can occur with any spider bite (not just a white-tail spider).

Spider bite first aid:

  1. The patient should sit down and try to relax

  2. Clean the bite with water and disinfectant

  3. Apply an ice pack to the bite area (only apply pressure bandage for funnel web)

  4. If possible, collect the spider for identification

  5. See medical attention

White tailed spider image
White tailed spider venom DOES NOT cause flesh to decay

How to prevent a spider problem...

Spiders are always present outdoors. However, there are several things you can do to prevent spiders moving in to your home.

  • Remove or trim back vegetation from around the perimeter of the home – bushes are preferred hiding spots and places to build webs for garden spiders
  • Remove stored goods and wood piles from under and around your home – these are favourite hiding places for redbacks, huntsman and white-tailed spiders
  • Seal up any cracks and ensure you have good fitting insect screens to prevent spider entry

Just in case spiders do get in, make sure any sheets are clothes are kept off the floors – huntsman and white-tailed spiders love to hide in tight spaces!