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“Don’t panic, we’re here to help!”

Whether you suspect you have termites attacking your home or want to protect your property from future termite attack, AllPro Pest Control are here to help. We are fully qualified and insured to carry out termite treatments in Brisbane and utilise a range of products to ensure the best results for your property.

Suffering a termite attack can be an emotionally draining and expensive experience. We have helped many homeowners through this unfortunate experience, solved the problem and given them the peace of mind of a robust termite management plan, to prevent it from happening again.

Termite treatments - Eradicating active termites

If you have or suspect you have active termites on your property, DO NOT TOUCH OR SPRAY them. Just give us a call and we will come around as quick as possible to carry out an initial inspection.

If we find termites present we will discuss the various treatment options with you. The choice of treatment will depend on your particular situation, taking into account the termite species present, level of activity, construction of property and environmental conditions. Any particular preferences you may have and budget available may also impact choice of treatment. We will then provide with an obligation free quote.

Things not to do…

Touching suspicious areas and breaking open wood or their mud tunnels can frighten the termites from the area and make them more difficult to control.

Spraying them with insecticide aerosols will kill the termites you spray, but it won’t kill the nest. The remaining termites will avoid the treated area, only to re-appear somewhere else on your property.

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FREE On-Site Termite Treatment Quote

AllPro Pest Control do not provide quotes over the phone. To assess a situation correctly, make the most suitable recommendations and cost the termite treatment proposal correctly, it is important to visit the property.

Identifying the nature of the termite attack, the species present, the entry points, the construction of the property and any environmental factors contributing to the termite attack, all contribute to influencing our recommended treatment options and pricing.

At the end of the day, we want to provide a professional quote that we can stand by to eliminate the active termites and protect your home (with no hidden costs). Our customers love this certainty and being on site to provide the quote allows us to answer any questions you may have – all part of the FREE On-site, obligation free quote.

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Our termite treatment process

If your fears are confirmed, and you accept our free quote, there are five key steps to our termite treatment process:

1) Termite inspection: A complete termite inspection of house and property according to Australian Standards 3660.2000 needs to be carried out. This is important as it details the species present, the scale of the infestation, estimates the amount of damage, identifies the termite entry points and highlights any issues that are making it easy for termites to attack your property. It is important that this is carried out before the treatment starts as all these factors can impact the treatment recommendation and unless the scale of the activity is fully mapped, it is not possible to confirm control has been achieved at the end of the treatment

2) Termite treatment proposal: We provide a termite treatment proposal for your property. Typically we may provide more that one option and we will discuss the pros and cons of each option. If the treatment proposal is accepted before a complete inspection has been carried out (as is often the case when we provide free quotes), the proposal allows for revisions depending on the results of the inspection.

3) Termite treatment: We treat the active termites. Typically we will use termite dusts which are applied to active areas and which is then transferred between termites as they contact each other. In other situations we may use termite foams or termite baits. Depending on the product used, it can between 2 weeks and several months to eliminated active termites from the property.

4) Confirmed termite control: Once the active termites have been controlled, a complete inspection of the property according to Australian Standards AS 3660.2000 is required for confirmation that the property is indeed free of active termites.

5) Installation of termite management system: Although the active termites have been eliminated from the property, it is not always possible to confirm that the nest has been destroyed, so the termites could return…… or indeed termites from other nests in the area may also attack your property. To prevent the anguish of future attacks a termite management system should be installed (either a termite treatment to the soil around the property or a termite monitoring system around the building perimeter).

Termite treatments - Providing lasting termite protection

To provide lasting termite protection, a termite management system needs to be installed around the property. Many customers will ask, “Which is the best termite treatment?” The answer is, it depends on the property and your particular situation.

There are two types of termite management systems;

Termite soil treatment

The soil around your property is treated with a chemical that either repels the termites or kills the termites if they enter the treated zone, depending on the product used. Generally we use Termidor, the leading termite soil treatment, as it delivers 5+ years of protection under Queensland conditions. Termidor is non-repellent, so termites are killed when they enter the treated zone. The only way for termites to bridge this barrier is through the inside of plant roots or by building a mud tube over the top of the treated zone. This is one reason why, even when you have a treated zone around your property, you still require annual termite inspections to maintain your warranty.

Some companies offer generic alternatives to Termidor saying, “It’s the same, just cheaper.” But are all termite treatments the same?

Termite monitoring and baiting systems

Termite monitoring and baiting systems are the smart way to eliminate termite colonies and protect your home. In certain circumstances termite monitoring and baiting systems are the only treatment option and when there are concerns about applying insecticide they are environmentally smart as well!

Learn more about termite baiting

Trelona Advance Termite Bait System

Trelona Advance Termite Bait System is the latest in termite monitoring and baiting systems. It can be used as both a traditional monitoring and baiting system and also as a permanent baiting system similar to Sentricon AlwaysActive. This flexibility is the reason why it is our preferred termite baiting system.

Trelona Certified Installer

Sentricon AlwaysActive

Instead of using wood to attract termites and then adding termite bait to control the termites, Sentricon AlwaysActive takes a different approach to make sure they systems is working 24/7 to protect your home – it’s AlwaysActive.

Plastic monitoring stations containing a ‘termiticide rod’ (a highly attractive termite food plus slow acting toxicant) are placed in the ground around the property. They are designed to intercept termites before they get to your house. Termite feed on the ‘termiticide rod’ and take this back to the nest where it is fed to other termites, killing the colony. Although this process can take several weeks or more, unlike many other products, it actually kills the colony, ensuring the termites from that nest do not return.

These monitoring stations need to be inspected every 3 months by our technicians for termite activity, allowing us to replace any ‘eaten out’ bait stations with new ‘termiticide rods’.

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No termite management system provides 100% protection from termites. They are designed to prevent concealed termite access to your property…. which means to get into your property the termites need to make themselves visible (by building their mud tubes). This is why even with a termite management system in place, regular termite inspections are essential.

Termite treatment cost

The termite treatment costs for termite services in Brisbane can vary greatly. The price of a termite treatment depends on a variety of factors; size and construction type of the property, soil type, gradient of land, drainage and landscaping issues, degree of termite infestation and termite species present. The unique combination of factors at your property will determine your termite treatment options (there may be more than one) and the costs involved. Not surprisingly the more work involved (for example with larger houses), the higher the costs. As you can appreciate, with all these factors involved, we cannot provide quotes over the phone. However, we are happy to come out and provide free quotes, so please give us a call. A word of warning – to a degree, you get what you pay for – an experienced termite professional is going to charge more than an “unqualified cowboy”. Certainly when you are deciding on who to use, to provide your termite treatment services, you should always ask to see licenses and ensure the company has appropriate insurance to provide termite work. Don’t necessarily go with the cheapest quote, after all you are trying to protect your most valuable investment! Choose a termite professional you can trust. Here at AllPro Pest Control, as a small business we can keep our costs as low as possible to ensure you don’t have to compromise on experience to get an expert, value for money termite treatment.