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Pest Control Eight Mile Plains

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AllPro Pest Control are a local, family-owned pest control company servicing Eight Mile Plains. As our staff and technicians are local to the area, we know about the kinds of pests and problems that often arise. We can also respond any emergency pest control situation quickly.

AllPro Pest Control Services for Eight Mile Plains

The AllPro Pest Control team is fully licensed and insured to provide a full range of pest control and termite services including:

Having a general pest treatment or “spider spray” each year can effectively deter most pests and keep them away from indoor areas. 

In addition to having a spray treatment, it is strongly recommended that homeowners have their property inspected each year for termites. Many homeowners choose to combine their yearly termite inspection with their routine general pest spray to save on time and cost.

Key Pests in Eight Mile Plains

The 3 key pests in Eight Mile Plains are:

  1. Termites
  2. Ants (including fire ants)
  3. Mosquitoes

With its areas of bushland and plenty of moisture in the soil, conditions in Eight Mile Plains are ideal for termites. Having an annual termite inspection is the most effective way of ensuring termites keep out of the property.

Ants are a problem for all but a few homeowners, especially during the summer months. The team at Allpro are experts in managing ant problems and will provide a tailored treatment to ensure they keep away.

With Eight Mile Plains being in the centre of the fire ant treatment area, homeowners need to be vigilant for fire ant nests on their property. AllPro Pest Control are accredited to provide fire ant treatments.

Saltmarsh mosquitoes (as well as the usual backyard mozzies) can be an issue for those living near Bulimba Creek and its waterways. Brisbane City Council undertakes a spraying program when conditions are particularly favourable for mosquitoes.

Termite Inspections and Termite Treatments - Eight Mile Plains

Given that termites can inflict substantial damage to a property within just six months, homeowners need to take measures to prevent termites from entering their homes. Eight Mile Plains is home to grassy parks and small pockets of bushland close to Bulimba Creek, and these areas are particular hotspots of termite activity. 

The minimum precaution homeowners should take to safeguard their home is to have the property inspected for termite activity every year. However, for more comprehensive protection (and greater peace of mind) a termite management system can be installed. Various termite treatment options are available, including liquid soil treatments administered into the soil surrounding the property and termite baiting systems, where in-ground baits are placed within secure bait stations around the perimeter of the property.

Termites thrive in areas with plenty of warmth, moisture and timber. For those living in the highest risk areas i.e. close to areas of bushland or near the creek, it is strongly advisable to have a termite inspection conducted twice a year.

Eight Mile Plains - Interesting Facts, Weather and Pest Control Recommendations

Eight Mile Plains is a flat residential suburb that takes its name from the distance (eight miles) between the area and Woolloongabba, which was known by European settlers as One Mile Swamp. Whilst the identity of the original custodians of the land is uncertain (possibly the Chepara clan), today the suburb is multicultural, with significant Chinese, Korean and Indian populations.

The Glen Hotel (pictured above) is a popular spot and has been trading since 1865, making it one of Queensland’s most historic and long-trading watering holes. It has been owned and run by the Fitzgibbon family since 1960.

In 2014, a group of residents made a failed petition for a section of Eight Mile Plains – between Wishart, Upper Mt Gravatt, and the Pacific and Gateway motorways – to be recognised as a new suburb called Wishart Outlook. 

Eight Mile Plains has a typical subtropical climate, characterised by humid summers and mild winters. This climate provides favourable conditions for pests, as they tend to flourish in warm and moist environments. Consequently, pest infestations are common with some homeowners requiring pest treatments multiple times each year. The climate is also favourable for termites, meaning homeowners are advised to invest in long-term termite protection solutions for their properties, along with annual termite inspections to ensure their properties remain termite-free.


Banner image credit: The Glen Hotel/Australian Hotelier