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Managing pests in schools requires a well-thought out professional plan. A plan that pays attention to the safety of pupils, staff and visitors.

Kindergarten, school or university, we’re trusted licensed professionals with a proven track record of working within an education environment. As a result, we follow strict industry guidelines in the Pest Management Act 2001 and the Pest Management Regulation 2003.

Pest control services we offer schools:

General Pest Control Treatments

Specialist Pest Control Treatments​

Pest Management Programs​

“Mansfield State High School uses AllPro Pest Control for all our pest control needs.

AllPro undertake our yearly pest control during the Christmas break and do a great job.

They are professional, do a quality job and at a great competitive price. AllPro undertakes the work at convenient times during the school breaks and before and after school. I highly recommend AllPro Pest Control for all your pest control needs.”

We understand your pest management needs and how schools, colleges and universities work. This means, we’ll work with you to agree the best and safest pest control treatment, times of day for the service (before/after school or weekends) and locations (inside school buildings or the surrounding grounds) so as not to disrupt teachers, pupils, staff and visitors. Therefore, we’re happy to work around the operational hours of kitchens, classrooms, locker rooms, canteen areas, playing fields, play areas, etc.

In summary, we’ll work with you to agree how best to exterminate an immediate pest problem and provide an ongoing pest management service.

General Pest Control Treatments

This is our comprehensive pest control treatment. As a thorough treatment, it’ll get rid of cockroaches and spiders from your school for up to 12 months. Our technicians will target all the known pest hot-spots, such as:
  • Classrooms
  • Staff rooms
  • Store rooms
  • Corridors
  • Kitchen
  • Canteen
  • Dining areas
  • Roof void
  • Building perimeter
  • Playgrounds

AllPro Pest Control works with schools in the local area

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Specialist Pest Control Treatments​​

Mosquito treatments: Protect your students from irritating bites and potential disease. Our treatments target breeding sites and mosquito resting areas providing up to 3 months protection.

Rodent control and management: We can get rid of disease spreading rodents, stop them getting into buildings and ensure you keep your school rodent-free in future. Our regular rodent control service includes documentation to support regulatory requirements. Wherever possible, we’ll use out of reach lockable bait stations that are safe around children, animals, food areas, etc.

Lawn ant treatments: Eliminating biting ants and funnels ants (that create uneven surfaces) from playing fields provides a safe playing environment and helps avoid injury. These treatments last many months.

Termite inspections, treatment and management: To avoid expensive damage to school buildings we can termite-proof the school. In doing so, we can remove conditions conducive to termite activity, install a termite management system (such as a baiting system that avoids using chemicals), as well as making regular assessment visits outside of school times.

For safe pest control services for schools...

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Pest Management Programs

The aim of a regular service program is to prevent future pest infestations. As a result, it gives you peace of mind and confidence that you’re providing a clean and safe environment for learning. It will… 

  • control pests, 
  • prevent injury, 
  • prevent disease,
  • prevent damage to property, 
  • maintain the operational condition of buildings and grounds, and
  • minimise disruption to teaching and sporting activities.
Food Preparation areas

As well as regular treatments to keep pests out of school buildings and grounds, we can implement specific programs for your food preparation areas. Thereby supporting the school’s compliance with local Health Food Safety Standards and Regulations.

Ensuring kitchens, canteens, food storage areas, cooking classrooms and dining areas are kept pest-free and have an active pest management program is an important part of meeting health and safety requirements.

In addition, a program could include staff education about pest management in specific pest hot-spots as well as reporting pest activities in a pest control register. Keeping an up to date register helps us to understand your pest issues, which pest, where to target and the best pest treatment to use. In short, record keeping is another important part of regulatory compliance.

Choosing a pest management plan from AllPro Pest Control will give you a tick in the box for pest control when an inspector comes to call.

How safe are our pest control treatments?

We only use products that are safe to use around the school. In summary, the safety of students, staff and visitors is of primary importance.

In some cases it might be necessary to keep adults, children and animals away during a treatment. For instance, when we’re using sprays. And, for them to remain clear until the treatment is dry. 

In summary, we’ll work with you to agree the best time to do any work. This can be before/after school hours, at the weekend or during school holidays.

Save money with a pest control treatment and a termite inspection

Many of our customers combine a general pest control treatment with an annual termite inspection. In doing both at the same time, you can make some significant savings. We’d be happy to discuss options with you.