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Our Service warranties

Pest Control Treatments

We provide warranties on all our pest control treatments. This takes the form of a service free period, which means that if the specified pest returns during the warranty period, we will return and re-treat free of charge.

12 month warranty on Cockroaches, spiders & silverfish
6 month warranty on ants

Termite treatments

Our warranties on termite treatments will vary, depending on the treatment carried out and the products used. The warranty will be specified in the treatment documents. Regular termite inspections are required to main such warranties, as specified in the treatment documents. Learn more…

Termite & Pre-purchase inspections
It’s important to remember that all inspections are visual inspections which means items cannot be moved without the owner’s permission and invasive techniques cannot be used. As such, they cannot provide a 100% guarantee that your home is free of termites. When you have an inspection, it is important that the pest manager explains the results of the inspection and the details in the report (as they come with a lot of legal wording). Be aware that the free “termite checks” offered by some companies are not the same as a proper termite inspection. These “termite checks” are often carried out by the less reputable companies and provide you with no legal comeback if termites are actually present in your home. Learn more about proper¬†termite inspections