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Pest Control Wellington Point

AllPro Pest Control are a local, family owned pest control company servicing Wellington Point and other locations across Redlands. As we live and work in the area, we know about the particular pest problems that tend to affect local residents. Of course, being local means we can get to you quickly in case of a “pest emergency”!

AllPro Pest Control Services for Wellington Point

AllPro Pest Control are fully licensed and insured to provide a full range of pest control and termite services including:

Most homeowners opt to have a general pest treatment once a year, sometimes referred to as a ‘spider spray’. While it will keep most of the common pests at bay, if a particular pest is causing problems, we can tailor a specific pest treatment. 

Termites pose the biggest threat to a property, so having a termite and timber pest inspection at least once a year is recommended. Having the inspection carried out at the same time as the general pest spray is the most cost-effective way of doing things.

Key Pests in Wellington Point

The 3 key pests affecting homeowners in Wellington Point are:

  1. Termites
  2. Mosquitoes
  3. Spiders

Generally speaking, the wet and warm weather conditions are ideal for many pests, meaning infestations can quickly get out of control.

Termites need food and moisture, of which both are readily available in the Redlands area. To protect your home from termites it’s important to have an annual termite inspection and in most cases install a termite management system.

The Geoff Skinner Wetlands Reserve on Wellington Point’s eastern foreshore is a natural home for mosquitoes, with the mangroves surrounding the saltmarsh providing the perfect breeding conditions. If mosquitoes are proving a nuisance, our mosquito treatments can keep them at bay for up to 3 months. 

Mosquito Feeding
Our specialist mosquito treatments are effective for up to 3 months

Termite Inspections and Termite Treatments - Wellington Point

Late spring/early summer is the time when termites are most often spotted, when they take flight in search of a new place to build a nest. For homeowners the sight can be quite alarming! Termites create networks of tunnels below the surface of the ground, so even if termites aren’t seen, they are certainly always nearby. 

Having an annual termite inspection is important to determine whether there are any conditions around your property that could make your home more likely to be attacked by termites and of course any evidence of termite activity can be investigated and quickly dealt with by our experienced team.

Of course, prevention is the best option. Having a termite management system installed offers ongoing, long-lasting protection for your property. Liquid soil treatments or termite baiting systems are both good termite control options for most homes in Wellington Point.

Wellington Point - Interesting Facts, Weather and Pest Control Recommendations

At the top of a peninsula just 22 km southeast of Brisbane, Wellington Point is a popular spot for boating, fishing, kayaking and windsurfing. Walkers are often seen walking along the sandbar to King Island, which emerges at low tide. The area is mostly residential, with the large saltmarsh of Geoff Skinner Wetlands Reserve lying on the eastern foreshore. 

The area is traditionally the home the Quandamooka people, who hunted and fished here before European settlers arrived in the 1860s. This is when Wellington Point became the site of a major sugar plantation and mill and was known for its fruit and vegetables thanks to its favourable sub-tropical climate. Few of these industries remain today, with the area being primarily residential, with picnic tables and trees providing a pleasant spot for a weekend picnic. 

Wellington Point is home to all the key pests – termites, spiders, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants and rodents. Having a termite management plan is a must and a general pest treatment is a simple and relatively cost-effective way to have peace of mind that the home is free from unwanted crawling and flying insects. 

Banner image credit – Virginia Russell/Flickr