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Professional Termite Inspections - Redlands and Brisbane

For expert termite inspections and pre-purchase pest inspections for home buyers, call the termite specialists at AllPro Pest Control – Inspections you can trust!

“Worried you may have termites 
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Termite inspections and pre-purchase pest inspections - What's the difference?

There are two types of “termite” inspections that property owners may require

  1. Standard termite inspection: An inspection focused solely on identifying termite activity, termite damage and termite conducive conditions for property owners
  2. Pre-purchase timber pest inspection: An inspection requested by potential purchasers of a property to check for timber pest activity and damage; covers termites, borers and wood rot.

AllPro Pest Control are fully qualified and insured to carry out both types of termite inspections. Be wary of companies who offer a free termite check.

Standard termite inspection

Australian Standards, State Governments and building authorities recommend that all structures have a standard termite inspection carried out at least once a year, but more often in areas of high termite activity. A professional termite inspection is a comprehensive inspection of your buildings and property and is carried out according to Australian Standards AS 3660.2-2017. This is not the same as the free “termite checks” offered by some companies, which regularly miss termite activity as they are not a comprehensive termite inspection. A termite inspection carried out to Australian Standards can take up to 2 hours depending on the size of the property and includes…

AllPro Pest Control - Comprehensive Termite Inspection

Inspecting a roof void as part of a termite inspection


A termite inspection is like a “health check” on your property, not only checking to see whether termites are attacking your property or are present in your yard, but also identifying issues around the property that need to be remedied to make it less attractive to termites. But like a health check, they are only current at the time the inspection is carried out. In theory, termites could move into your house shortly after an inspection, unless a termite management systems is installed. Check out our termite treatments page to learn more about termite protection for your property.

Very satisfied with the service provided. Barry is very responsive, professional and great to deal with. He was also very accommodating and was able to do the termite inspection on a Saturday morning, which was very appreciated. Highly recommended!

– Sarah, from Algester

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Call 07 3446 5841

Pest Inspections Brisbane
(Pre-purchase timber pest inspections)

If you are buying a property, a pre-purchase timber pest inspection is a vital part of the purchase decision – it will provide information on whether there are active termites, borers and wood rot in the property, whether there is any existing damage and whether the property is susceptible to attack.

Pre-purchase inspections are carried out according to Australian Standards AS 4349.3-2010. We do not work for real estate companies so you can be assured we are working in your best interest. We welcome you to be on site during the inspection so we can highlight and discuss any issues that may occur. This can be very important, as a pre-purchase inspection is only a visual inspection – we are not allowed to move items, damage or drill walls. Sometimes sellers try to hide activity and if we are suspicious, we will point it out to you.

Also check out our blog asking, should you buy house with termite damage?

Call us today if you are thinking of buying a property and need a pre-purchase timber pest inspection…

We used this company for our pest inspection when we bought our house. He was very punctual and professional and did great job. He gave us not only a report but also some valuable information. Highly recommended.”

– Akiko Dowding

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World class Termite inspection equipment

One of our key inspection tools is the Termatrac T3i. It compliments our skills as termite inspectors and provides us (and you, as our customers) with the confidence that we have done everything to check your property. How the Termatrac helps…

  • Motion detector: Can pick up the movement of termites behind walls
  • Thermal measurements: Can pick up small differences in the wall temperatures which may indicate termite activity inside the wall cavity
  • Moisture measurement: Useful for picking up areas of moisture which may indicate a water leak or area of termite activity.

What are the signs of termites?

Although regular termite inspections are a must it certainly helps if homeowners know the signs of termite activity so they can give their pest manager a call if they spot something suspicious.