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Beware of the ‘free’ termite check

We’re all on the look out for a bargain, but ‘free termite checks’ could end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.

Used as a marketing ploy, a free termite check is often a gimmick offered by some pest control companies that just want to gain your business and take your money.

You’ll often come across these offers in an attempt to make it sound like you’re getting an extra service in addition to your pest treatment.

CAUTION – Example offer you might come across…

“Book a general pest treatment and get a free termite check!”

A (free) termite check, is NOT a termite inspection...

A free termite check is only that…it’s just a check! Like a casual nod, it takes no additional time or effort, the technician will simply keep their eye out for potential termite activity as they carry out the pest treatment.

But, if it was that easy to spot termites, everyone would be doing it – even you as a homeowner! The fact is, termites are very secretive, hiding underground and in the dark recesses of roof voids and sub-floors. To carry out a professional termite inspection it can take up to 2 hours (depending on the size of your property) and requires significant experience and skill – not normally the things you give away for free!

A termite inspection is a comprehensive inspection of your home and surrounding property. It’s carried out room by room, and includes roof void, sub-floor, garage and gardens, using a variety of termite detection equipment. Only a fully qualified, licensed and insured pest professional can carry out a termite inspection.

Entering the roof void as part of a pest control treatment
Inspecting a roof-void for termites

A free termite check is only a simple tick-box list. Companies offering free termite checks complete this list at the end of a standard pest treatment. They simply record any termite activity they may have noticed during their visit. This might make you feel comfortable, but it shouldn’t, there are all sorts of exclusions and you won’t be covered if they’ve missed termite activity (and they do!). Often they’re not licensed or insured to provide termite services.

We use the latest technology to detect termites

In comparison, a termite inspection from AllPro Pest Control provides you with a 20+ page report including photographs and recommendations… and we’re fully licensed and insured to carry out termite inspections.

To conclude: Don’t risk your home with a free termite check. With your home costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, paying for a professional termite inspection is worth every cent (and can save you thousands!).

Don’t risk it! Get a professional termite inspection from AllPro Pest Control…call (07) 3446 5841 now!

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