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“AllPro Pest Control provide separate building and pest inspectors, both experts in their fields.

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Why do you need pre-purchase building and pest inspections ?

When you’re making one of the biggest investment decisions of your life, it pays to have an expert opinion any property you are thinking of buying.

Building and pest inspections will determine if there are any issues which may affect the purchase decision. If there are any problems, corrective action is suggested and this information is invaluable in negotiating the sale price or indeed deciding whether to proceed with the purchase at all.

AllPro Pest Control supply separate pest and building inspectors, ensuring you get expert inspections and two sets of eyes, to make sure nothing is missed.

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Building and Pest Inspections – General Information

AllPro Pest Control partner with Bayside Lifestyles to provide you with seperate pest and building experts for your inspections. We take our time over inspections – 1.5 – 2 hrs for an average home – to make sure we carry out thorough inspections. We work for you as our customer not the real estate agent selling the property.

As with all reputable inspectors, it is a requirement to have a pre-inspection agreement signed before we can carry out a pre-purchase building or pest inspection. This ensures that you understand what is involved in the inspections and provides you with important legal protection.

It’s important to understand that these inspections are VISUAL inspections. We are not allowed to move any items or damage any surfaces to get a better look. If we have an area of concern we will recommend requesting that the seller allows an additional inspection to address the concerns.

Inspecting a roof void as part of a termite inspection

Buyer beware! Some sellers will try and hide detects and problems with their property by blocking access to areas. If we suspect something suspicious we will note it in the reports.

Pest inspection Information

The main difference between a pre-purchase pest inspection and a termite inspection, is that the pre-purchase pest inspection is looking for timber pests – termites, borers and wood decay – not just termites.

Termite damage to roof timber

The inspection will provide vital information to help  you decide whether you should buy the property and what price you should pay. It’s not uncommon for the inspection to uncover signs of termites or termite damage. Check out our blog, Should you buy a house with termite damage?

We used this company for our pest inspection when we bought our house. He was very punctual and professional and did great job. He gave us not only a report but also some valuable information. Highly recommended.”

– Akiko Dowding

Building inspection Information

Pre-purchase building inspections will check for any issues or hazards with the property before purchase or bidding at an auction.

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World class pest inspection equipment

One of our key inspection tools is the Termatrac T3i. It compliments our skills as pest  inspectors and provides us (and you, as our customers) with the confidence that we have done everything to check your property. How the Termatrac helps…

  • Motion detector: Can pick up the movement of termites behind walls
  • Thermal measurements: Can pick up small differences in the wall temperatures which may indicate termite activity inside the wall cavity
  • Moisture measurement: Useful for picking up areas of moisture which may indicate a water leak or area of termite activity.