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Professional Outdoor Mosquito treatments that Work!

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100% elimination of mosquitoes from your yard is impossible, but we can get pretty close!

It’s important to target all life stages of the mosquito. This means tackling the mosquito larvae (the “wrigglers”) as well as the adults.

There are 2 parts to a professional outdoor mosquito treatment:

  1. Eliminate or treat mosquito breeding sites
  2. Carry out a mosquito pest control treatment – A residual insecticide treatment to outdoor surfaces where adult mosquitoes hide and rest

Eliminate mosquito breeding sites

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in still or slow moving water. So puddles, ponds, blocked gutters, drains, plant pots, water tanks and any other containers holding water, are all potential breeding sites. The bottom line is that we need to get rid of these areas of still water. This is where homeowners can chip in – eliminating as many of these breeding sites as possible.

Mosquito laying eggs in bromeliad

For those breeding sites that cannot be eliminated we need to have another way of preventing mosquitoes laying their eggs. Mosquitoes take 2 weeks to complete their breeding cycle so as long as you empty water from plant pots or bromeliads every 2 weeks, you’ll break the life-cycle. For water tanks, it is important to make sure there are insect screens over both the inlet and outlet points to prevent access for adult mosquitoes.

For other areas of water that cannot be removed or physically protected, we can apply a special insecticide called an insect growth regulator, which prevents the development of mosquito larvae, eventually killing them. These insect growth regulators only target insects and so are safe for fish ponds (except for fish breeding ponds).

Many mosquitoes don’t fly far from their breeding sites, so by eliminating these areas of still water, you can have an immediate impact on mosquito numbers. However, it’s important to deal with any mosquitoes that fly into your yard from surrounding areas.

Treating mosquito resting areas

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Mosquitoes rest in dark sheltered areas, underneath decks, outdoor furniture and BBQs, along fencing and underneath the leaves of large tropical plants. Treating these areas with a residual insecticide not only kills the mosquitoes present but also leaves a residue on the surface to kill other mosquitoes that may land later.

Using specialised misting equipment, we apply a fine fog to these surfaces that creates a “mosquito interception zoen” that can provide lasting protection of up to 3 months.

This technique is used by governments around the world in their mosquito control programs and can provide up to 90% reduction in mosquito numbers.

So, if you want to reclaim your outdoor areas from mosquitoes, give AllPro Pest Control a call for a FREE quote.